LED Lighting Technology and Functional Practical Designs merge with Halachic Approval

E-Z Slide Shutter™ Simulates Turning “Off” the LED Light – Allows for Halachic “controlling” the LED Light on Shabbos
Adjustable Gooseneck – Allows for Halachic “directing” the LED Light on Shabbos
Table Lamp Model features Touch Dimmer with integrated Shabbos Cover

SHABBOSLITE® Table and Clip-on Lamps are Large Size LED Lamps manufactured to the highest electrical and lighting safety standards and that have been approved for use on Shabbos by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Halperin of the Institute for Science and Halacha in Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem and by Rabbi Tzvi Ortner of Halachic Tech USA of Boro Park/Brooklyn, New York. SHABBOSLITE® models will enhance your Shabbos lighting needs and are designed to be versatile, functional, user friendly, and electrically safe. SHABBOSLITE® is your new lamp that will be bright enough to read or learn by, at bedside, in guestrooms, on a table, to use near your vanity, in your hotel room, a summer camp, or soft enough to be used as an ambient nightlight in a child’s room. SHABBOSLITE® is functional so that the light could be directed to where it is wanted and needed, SHABBOSLITE® design simulates its being turned “off” or dimmed. SHABBOSLITE® is designed to be used in the world, and, above all, to be Safe and Reliable as well Halachically Permissible to be your “in real time” Shabbos lighting companion and be used Worldwide.

Rav Levi Yitzchak Halpern

Institute for Science and Halacha, Jerusalem, Israel

Rabbi Tzvi Ortner

Halachic Tech USA, Borough Park, NY